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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately there is a LOT of scamming trading systems on the internet. However, Make Money is different. This is not a fly by night software this is years of team work and testing and ALL results have been verified by our beta-testers so you can be sure what you are seeing are REAL.
All our results have been independently verified by a 3rd party global trading body and our beta-testers, we have gone to great lengths and cost to make sure ALL results meet these strict criteria.
Yes we do, 24/7 via email, phone or live chat, you will even get the CEOs direct cell number as he likes to work hands on with the beta testers to ensure everyone is setup correctly, happy and more importantly making profits.
Make Money will never condone hiding earnings from Tax Authorities. Any earnings made with Make Money should be reported to any Tax Authority in your Country of residence.
You can withdraw your profits at any time from your personal broker account (don't worry we will get you setup with this), there are several withdrawal methods that can be used but we prefer a direct wire to our bank, funds credit our account within 1-2 business days.
Once your enter email you will be redirected to log in the Make Money software. If there are no more spots available you will be put on a waiting list.
Yes, you can trade this from any country in the world.
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User reviews

Alex Scott
I have been a day trader for 8 years. I`ve seen everything and anything in this industry. It`s literally impossible to impress me. That`s what I thought! This app made more money for me than I made with any other robot in 8 years of experience! 49911 dollars of clear money in 1 month from just 10000 dollars deposit. If that`s not impressive I don`t know what is!
Alex Botly
My name`s Brad and I specialize at probability theory. My colleagues from Harvard gave me sources of this algorithm and asked to write a short independent review. I`ve tested the app and studied the algorithm. I can tell you, it is something special. You see, standard outcome of a trade is 50/50. But the system intelligently choose the time and instrument, counts all probabilities in real time and gives to the user only 90% profitable deals. It`s based on statistics and complicated filters. That`s brilliant.
Karina Grand
When my boyfriend offered me to try this app I didn`t expect anything. Actually, I expected to lose money. You see, it was for my course work, I study Financial Management. That was the most profitable course work of my life. 280% of profit in 6 weeks! Maybe I won`t work at all after I finish University. I mean why would you work if you making money all the time. When you having fun, eating, walking, chatting with friends, even sleeping? Totally cool!
Kenan West
Check this out. I put 5000 dollars to my account just 12 weeks ago. And here`s my brand new Toyota Tundra! I don`t know how this app works but it`s amazing. Do you know any other way to buy brand new car with no lease for just 5 grand? I don`t! Thanks a lot
Jim London
I really don`t know what to say. You put 300 US dollars, and next month you take out 672. In the bank you would earn even 5 bux in the same period of time. Guys, how the hell this thing works, tell me, I want to know!

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